Neal S. Blaisdell Center 2009, HI

Hawaii Pet Film Festival 2009

Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center 2009, HI

ZhanVi by Zhanneta Sharov was one of three collections presented Dec. 5, 2009, at Level 4 nightclub in the Royal Hawaiian Center in Honolulu. The other presentations were by Valerie Joseph and New York-based Indashio. Video by Nadine Kam.

Oceans 808 at Restaurant Row 2009, HI

ZhanVi presented on Dec. 12, 2009 at Oceans808 nightclub.

“Paparazzi” Fashion Show 2009, HI

ZhanVi Paparazzi Fashion Show 3 May 24 2009

The International Beauty Expo 2010, CA

Tori Fire, Anerrick Management Group & Parris Harris Producers of High End theatrical fashion shows put together an awsome show at The International Beauty Expo in Long Beach called Tori Fire, This video spot lights one of the designers from the show ZhanVi.

Wisp Hawaii 2018

ZhanVi Fashion Show at Wisp Hawaii 2018